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About School



Commitment to Quality

At Educare Preschool, we are committed to providing every child with the best possible care and learning experience. We hold high standards for our school and staff members. We have an exceptional educational curriculum that focuses on both traditional as well as Progressive methods. We are independently owned and operated with both owners on site daily. Here at Educare, we conduct weekly and monthly self inspections to ensure that we are in compliance with the Pinellas County Licensing Board as well as the Pinellas County Health Department to provide a safe and nurturing environment for you and your child.

Learning & Growth

At Educare, we give each child the skills for success in school and in the future. We encourage their young minds through play and hands-on, creative activities as well as encourage the development of physical, social and emotional skills.

  • All teachers meet state certification skills.
  • Music, dance/movement and art activities
  • Computers in our 3 year old and VPK classes promote technology skills.
  • Traditional/Progressive Teachings
  • Fun, educational summer program

Health and Nutrition

We provide hot, nutritious, well-balanced meals based on the Food Guide Pyramid. In response to the need to provide adequate nutrition to a growing number of children, our state funded food program promotes healthy eating habits. We strive for healthy bodies and minds and maintain strict health standards. All of our teachers and classrooms practice good hand washing and hygiene. We also have a secluded rest area for sick/ill children to avoid interaction with the other children. We provide kid friendly menus and have them change and posted weekly. Following is a link to our sample menu.